Writing Links 12/11/17

From Traci Kenworth

Where Genres Collide Traci Kenworth YA Author & Book Blogger for all Genres as well as craft books


Writing Links…12/11/17

Traci Kenworth


  1. http://storitorigrace.blogspot.com/2017/12/so-your-character-is-from-austria.html Austrian characters.
  2. https://colleenchesebro.com/2017/12/06/beautiful-legend-of-la-befana-witch-who-delivers-gifts-to-children-in-italy-on-epiphany-twelve-days-after-christmas-ancient-pages/ The legend of La Befana.
  3. https://jennykellerford.wordpress.com/2017/12/06/j-keller-fords-interview-on-the-authors-show/ Jenny’s interview with The Author’s Show.
  4. https://legendsofwindemere.com/2017/12/05/teaser-tuesday-chaos-on-ambervale/ The gods and goddesses at war.
  5. http://storitorigrace.blogspot.com/2017/12/villain-necrologies-and-debacles.html Christmas villains.


  1. http://middlegrademafia.com/2017/12/04/mg-reader-interview-kailey-harmon/ A MG reader tells what she looks for in books.
  2. http://www.fromthemixedupfiles.com/2017/12/stem-tuesday-science-fiction-books-book-list/ MG books with science in them.
  3. http://avajae.blogspot.com/2017/12/vlog-4-common-cliches-to-avoid-in-your.html My first book had a wake-up scene, lol. I would also like to see a little more reality for disabled people as in no magical cures. We can be just as happy as anybody else.
  4. http://www.adventuresinyapublishing.com/2017/12/pintip-dunn-author-of-seize-today-on.html On surviving rejection.
  5. http://scbwimithemitten.blogspot.com/2017/12/artistic-evolution-how-cakeasaurus.html How the picture book grew from a cake-eating monster.

Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. http://romanceuniversity.org/2017/12/04/weaving-magic-the-five-threads-of-dynamic-narrative-by-cate-hogan/ It’s all in the details.
  2. http://romanceuniversity.org/2017/12/06/never-give-up-on-getting-back-your-rights-by-joanna-campbell-slan/ On getting your right back to your stories.
  3. http://bloodredpencil.blogspot.com/2017/12/self-editing-one-step-at-time.html On habit words. One of mine is so, lol. I even find it creeping into this blog sometimes.


  1. https://stevelaube.com/steve-laube-agency-acquires-leslie-h-stobbe-literary-agency/ On acquiring another agency.
  2. https://novelrocket.com/2017/12/using-myersbriggs-to-create-characters.html/ Using personality tests to create characters.
  3. http://www.booksandsuch.com/blog/publishings-greatest-challenge-might-surprise-you/

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