Month: February 2019

How WordPress Powers the Internet (Infographic)

Nicholas C. Rossis

When I first started working on the Internet, back in the mid-90s, we had to code everything by hand. And I mean, everything. You couldn’t even write a simple “Hello World” without a dozen lines of code.

Fast-forward to today’s WordPress-powered blogs and websites and the difference couldn’t be starker. Even though my coding experience has proven invaluable time and again, it’s now possible to develop in a single day a website that would have taken me at least a week back then. Months, if I wanted to use some of the fancier elements that are now available at the click of a button!

And it still amazes me that it’s all free! So, this is my way of saying “thank-you” to Automattic and the WordPress team for making my life so much easier–and productive. Many thanks to Hosting Tribunalfor the excellent infographic!

And if you like my site…

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Love Is In The Air

Nicholas C. Rossis

Love is in the air. Or the flu. As we’ve all been sick this month, it could be either. Still, tradition dictates that I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day, whether you are in a new relationship and are planning to spend a small fortune on a night out; in an old one and are chuckling with your mate at the prices of Valentine’s Day cards; or alone, looking forward to a nice, quiet evening.

In the past years, I’d taken the opportunity to inform you about Victorian Vinegar Valentines, share short Valentine’s Day stories, or mention events and giveaways that would be perfect for anyone wishing to spend the day reading.

This year, I have a great array of books to propose to you to celebrate love – not just romantic love but also love for your wee one, for your mom, or for your BFF. And if…

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