Month: January 2015

Dragonsdawn review

dragonsdawnDragonsdawn by Anne McCaffrey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This is an enjoyable read for fans of Dragonriders books. I read a Pern book years ago, and was happy to revisit Pern. This story gives the backstory of the first colonists on Pern. There is detail on how the colonists arrived and slowly lose their advanced science and technology.

I liked the technology talk about space travel, sled maintenance, and bio-engineering. I had originally picked this book for references to libraries. There is not much talk in the book. But there is communication with the spaceships in orbit and use of high tech.

The book gives a very detailed story of the beginning of the Pern saga. I recommend this for fans of Dragonriders. There is excessive detail at times, but the overall story is interesting.

S. A. Gibson
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