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Asante’s Gullah Journey

Begin the journey with Asante and Beneda

Nefarious land grabbers threaten family farms in the Gullah Lowcounty. It falls to Beneda to bring her people through this chaos. She appeals to the Libraries, those with power in this technology free world. Joined by Librarian-swordsman Asante, Beneda pulls her community together as her grandmother did generations ago. Within this tale of swords and soul, doing what’s right leads to threats unimaginable.

Asante’s Gullah Journey is a young adult adventure novel that will appeal to lovers of action, futuristic fiction, post-apocalyptic tales, sword & soul, and archery conflict.

African Asante sword and Gullah Beneda bow are joined in this post-apocalyptic setting, for family, birthright, and oh so much more.


Map of the world of Asante’s Gullah Journey


Asante's Gullah Lands

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