Ancient Travels

Nicholas C. Rossis

I came across an interesting question on Quora the other day: What was the approximate travel time between London and Rome in the 13th century?

As Frank Melling, author of “A Sixpence in the Settee,” points out, this is not a simple question to answer, as it depends on the circumstances. Are you a merchant, a peasant on pilgrimage, a priest, or a courier? Will you be walking, riding, or taking a Cog?

Read on to find out the answer – and check out Stanford’s Orbis, the great link in the end!

What a difference 900 years make

At the peak of the Roman Empire, an Imperial Messenger would cover 50 miles a day – and from all over the Empire. There are tales of Roman riders covering hundreds of miles in 24 hours when there was a desperate need. However, that was with as many…

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