Month: June 2018

Book review: S. A. Gibson’s Pratima’s Engines (@gibsonauthor )

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Pratima was summoned, the Duke required help with some technology, and she was just reviewthe person he needed. Long ago the Collapse was thought to be caused by human arrogance, they believed their thoughts were truth to be displayed and enforced. The libraries set rules, rules intended to keep everyone safe, and it appears the Duke’s secret antics are a direct violation. Can his intentions be uncovered before terror ensues?

S. A. Gibson’s book, Pratima’s Engines is set is set in a futuristic era, where technology has reverted back to the olden times following the Collapse. It is a short and gripping read, and as a bonus also contains a second  story, Asante’s Gullane Journey. Genre wise it is a cross between dystopian and steam punk. Short, enjoyable, with good characters.

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