William Way, adventures with libraries

CollapseBannerWilliam Way was born to ex-pat parents in Goa, India eighty years after the Collapse. We are first introduced to to William in the  story of Patima’s Forbidden Book. In that story, William is a teenager. He has begun his first assignment as an investigator for the libraries. The story takes a strange dangerous turn that takes him and Pratima across half of India in pursuit of a woman with a deadly weapon. He experiences difficulties which are so harsh they transform the remainder of his life.

Our next encounter with William is in California. A clipper ship brings him to an assignment for the libraries in Southern California. He meets an independent archer named Kalapati. She must reluctantly join forces with William to keep her young charge safe. William is now a young man in his twenties who’s become proficient with a sword in his new role as a library scout. His quiet stoic appearance gives nothing away to others. But, inside, his goals drive him to remain loyal beyond reason.  Together they, with the help of others, are able to stop a guru who wants to control all of Central California.

Henrietta and goats from A Dangerous Way

The next story featuring William takes place in New Mexico. Scout Way serves under the Regional Librarian who is stepping down. As a challenge rises to library authority in the region, his sword and the weapons of other scouts and a reader named Eleanora, restore peace in the Southwest. William will break the rules, disobey library authority to accomplish what he believes to be right.

From In the Horde’s Way

The most recent adventure of William Way occur in the book titled, In the Horde’s Way. William and his daughter, Alaya, must face an overwhelming number of mounted invaders from the north. William has lived an exceptional life, and changed over the years. He is not the same man who first worked for the libraries in India. His skills have changed as well as everything else in his life. While some see him as a traitor, he believes his he is remaining true to his family and the highest ideals of the library.

For more information see http://bookae.org the Protected Book page.


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