Boxed Set 2018, Challenges On the Horizon


Last year I decided, along with a few other authors, to put together a boxed set with ten to twenty full books. Over the following weeks, then months the dream began to take shape while offering a few white-knuckle moments. We recruited fantasy and science fiction authors who were willing to take a chance of offering a full book to our set. A great deal of research and effort was required including, cover development and approval, blurb writing, book beta-reading, and marketing planning and implementation.

Over the many months of this project, we have explored and learned about marketing, coordinating and managing a complex project. Several authors submitted pre-published stories, others wrote stories specifically for this collection. It is a challenge to produce a book with a short fixed deadline. I have serious respect for authors that can write under this pressure. As of this month, we have 22 complete books that will be published in this ebook boxed set on May 1st.

Here are some thoughts from another participant, who was the first author I contacted about this idea, Stephanie Barr: “Even as slightly more than a participant, I was unprepared for what went into this, far more than the contribution of a single book, but also helping other authors, coordinating covers, participation in a half dozen events to promote it, boosting ads. It turned into a significant investment in time and money, but I’m proud of the end product.”

In developing this boxed set, we decided on a theme of a simple time. We curated books that either did not use modern advanced technology or were filled with a society which had lost a portion of their technology. Most of the books contained fantasy elements, some science fiction, and few blended the two into science fantasy. I am impressed with the quality we were able to assemble and hope the thousands of readers who have preordered this set are equally impressed. I found this a big job, which consumed more time and money than I anticipated, and the first week of May should be a rewarding conclusion for all the effort.


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