“I Was Tagged” & Other Updates

J. I. Rogers - Author

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I was tagged by both Steve Turnbull and Stephanie Barr to post the first seven lines from my latest WIP. Thank you, both. Because Facebook strips formatting when you copy and paste, I thought I’d kill two birds with one post and add my content to this author update.

“The Interview” – Book Two in “The 942 Series”

Forty-Seven known survivors from Astel. Nash’s heart sank as he looked at each photo. He scanned the last of the files Royce had forwarded in a numb trance and committed every detail to memory before he destroyed the documents.
Odds are Roz and your family are dead, the Sarcastic voice interjected.
“Shut up.”
It’s time to quit chasing ghosts and move on.
“No, and I told you to be quiet!”
The Darkness rose to join the conversation. It’s been eight years. Even if she’s…

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