Fearless Smile Sneak Preview

Nicholas C. Rossis

You may remember how Patakis, Greece’s largest publisher, has acquired the rights to my next three children’s’ books. These are to be called Fearless Smile, Cat Island, and Whatever Lola Wants.

Fearless Smile is now scheduled to be published in Greek in early April. As it was originally written in English, the English text is already complete. So, hopefully, it won’t take too long for the English edition to follow.

My illustrator and painter friend (and godfather to the wee one), Dimitris Fousekis, has once again worked his magic to create his trademark magical, highly original illustrations. Here is a sneak peak of the Greek edition draft (as you can see, typesetting is still in progress). I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

You can check out our previous books, Runaway Smile and Musiville, on Amazon (FREE on KU).

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