Why It May be Worth your While to go Exclusive: By Brian Meeks

Books And Me Blog

It’s an age-old question.

Since the very first cave dwellers started telling stories on walls, human authors have been debating whether to go wide or exclusive on Amazon.

The early cave dwellers mostly went exclusive.

Should you?

I’m a novelist who makes a full-time living as an author. I quit my day job two years ago. It was because I went back to exclusive after my second attempt at wide that I could do this for a living.

There are arguments for and against.

Some of them are reasonable, others aren’t.

One of the authors I coach is wide. He makes 30% of his revenue from Amazon and 70% from the other venues. He is wide because it makes the most financial sense.

Some people are wide because they ask the question, “What if Amazon decides to do something terrible to authors, cut their percentage pay out, call them names…

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