Rereading Counts As Reading!

Reader and Cat Pic

Photo Credt: The Distracted Reader, Rick and Brenda Beerhorst, 9 June 2006, uploaded 5 August 2013: Benzoyl/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 2.0

As many of my blog readers know, I’m a big fan of revisiting old favorites (books, films, art works) and I often do this. However, as a reader, the relationship between revisiting a book I’ve read and enjoyed the past and counting it as reading or not didn’t occur to me until I read Jessica Yang’s article “Does Rereading Count as Reading?”. At least, it didn’t until I decided to join the annual Goodreads reading challenge this year. Goodreads lets their readers set a goal for the year of how many books they want to read and then keep track of books on their site in an effort to encourage people to read more.

The idea of keeping track of how many books you read…

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