Varied Characters in Speculative Fiction


Speculative fiction has often been a launching pad for ideas about society, politics, science, and world events that are different or unusual. This type of reading material offers perspectives, views, opinions, and facts that may surprise or enlighten.

Authors producing works of spec-fiction often examine issues of interest to themselves. Speculative fiction often can be seen as a political genre. These stories relate ideas, thoughts about how we should live, what our future might hold, how people differ, and how we govern ourselves. Concerns reflect the range of interests people have. This fiction can serve as different lenses through which to view the present, past, and future.

The inclusion of diverse characterization can be seen as injecting politics into speculative fiction. These characters can include people of color, people having marginalized ethnic identity, people fitting under LGBTQ+, and/or people having qualities of disabled/neurodivergent. Excitingly, more and more stories in the universe of speculative fiction are including some of these different elements.

This week L. C. Mawson has recruited many authors who are willing to offer for free their titles in a book giveaway called, Start Reading Diverse Sci-fi Giveaway. Now through October 10th, you have the opportunity to try, for free, ebooks that feature diverse characters. Check it out and experience the wide ranging types of characters which can be found in fiction!

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