Author Spotlight: S. A. Gibson

SciFan™ Magazine

S. A. Gibson lives in Southern California working on a dissertation in education and  constructing a fictional future world. His first fiction story was self-published in 2014, and now a total of five books and two short stories are available.

All his stories are set on a future Earth that has lost all advanced technology. People use swords, bows, and staffs to defend themselves. Librarians, as keepers of knowledge and science, have supreme power in most of the world.

His After the Collapse series includes three books, and a boxed set, so far, and follows adventures of Librarians in California, Arizona, and New Mexico in this future world.



Available together for the first time. This box set includes the first three books in S. A. Gibson’s After the Collapse series. This ebook bundle includes Feeling a Way, A Dangerous Way, and In the Horde’s Way.

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