Author Spotlight: Jason Nugent

SciFan™ Magazine

20631836_832429980243542_149572279_n.jpgJason Nugent was born in Cleveland, OH in 1974. He moved to rural Southern Illinois in 1992 and lives there today with his wife, son, and mini-zoo of three cats and two dogs. Jason is the author of two collections of dark fiction short stories: (Almost) Average Anthology and Moments of Darkness and the young adult scifi novel The Selection. Jason has written for Sum’n Unique Magazine and game missions for an independently produced video game titled “Status Quo.”

20624695_832429976910209_834410648_n.jpgOne of his stories The God’s Eye was selected for inclusion in the 4th issue of SciFan™ Magazine! Short Story Blurb: “Working in a secret military lab, a team of scientists unintentionally bring “life” to their android, forcing the lead researcher to confront her own tragedy.”


Humans colonized the planet Kepler 186f after Earth’s near total global collapse. Soon after, supply missions ended leaving the colonists to…

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