The Sunshine Blogger Award: An interview with Lakisha


I’ve been nominated by Ed Ryder for the ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’, where a character in one of my novels has to answer ten questions about themselves. I’ve chosen Lakisha, the young teenager in the Asante’s Gullah Journey. She has had incredible adventures on her way to finding a position in the Library.

  1. Tell me about the world you live in.

I live in the world of the American South of the future. We done lost all modern technology and live by farming and simple ways. The Librarians be in charge. I been told, ‘the libraries hold all the knowledge of the before times, so they’ve the right to rule.’ I ‘spose that’s right.

  1. You have only $50 left (or local equivalent) in the world, what do you spent it on?

I spend most my time with Asa the dog. I will buy food for Asa, and have a dog house built. The dog and me can live happy, even wit’ no money.

  1. What scares you the most?

I always worry that I won’t be able to stay with the Library. Then I might be forced to go back to where I came from and work in the fish cannery. The smell can’t never leave my skin and clothes.

  1. What would your ideal alternative career be?

I am learning so much doing odd jobs for the Library, I don’t never want’a leave. But, If’n I had to go, I’d want to sail on one of the great clipper ships that sail across the ocean. I’d learn about the rigging and tacking across the ocean, all the way to Africa, and around the world.

  1. Slay the dragon or set it free? (and why)

I’ve never seen a dragon, but I don’t never wanna kill nobody. If’n the dragon was dangerous, I’d try to find a way to protect the people. If’n it couldn’t be trusted, I do my best to lock it up.

  1. Would you join an old enemy to fight a new one?

Sure. Granny always says to forgive the sinners. I would forgive baddies if’n I needed them to make things better. I could talk ’em into helping. I been told I could talk the dew right off the honeysuckle.

  1. What do you do to relax between adventures?

I take care of the little ones. I even work, in a fun way. I take books to the neighboring farms, so the little ones can enjoy them. I learn new skills, like fighting with sticks and knitting.

  1. Has your author ever made you do something you completely disagree with?

Authors be a pain! I get thrown into danger in every single story. Don’t ever gets no relaxation and peace. The worse was when Asa had to fight the baddies who was trying to hurt the Librarian. I was scared for all of us.

  1. Are you in love with anyone you shouldn’t be?

I’m embarrassed to talk on it. I surely love Asante, the Library Scout. But, I can’t be that way. Beneda’s my friend, an’ I’d never betray her. Besides, everyone’d say he’s too old for me.

  1. Would you take a life to save ten?

Again I can’t stomach the idea o’ taken a life. Yet, were the need great enough, I have to try everything in my power to help. I would want to do whatever I could, using everything I’ve got to bring a good ending. I would hope, I didn’t have to take no life.

Who’s next?

Part of the chain is to nominate people with your own questions, so here’s mine!

1. Tell me what your life is like.

2. Who do you care about the most?

3. Who or what do you fear the most?

4. What kind of work do you like the most?

5. If you had one incredible power, what would it be.

6. What is one bad thing, you secretly wish you could do?

7. What’s is your favorite swear word?

8. Do you consider yourself a dreamer or a doer? Give an example.

9. Would you replace your author if you could? Does your author annoy you?

10. What type of weather best describes you?

I have tagged several author friends, including:


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