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Megan Haskell is the author of the dark fantasy adventure series, The Sanyare Chronicles.  Pixie Tamer is the short story prequel to Sanyare: The Last Descendant, a dark fantasy adventure with epic themes and a new adult tone. The stories are complements, but can be read independently.

I was intrigued by the covers of this series, when first I spied them on a Facebook event. They caught my eye and seemed to promise mystery and adventure. Reading Pixie Tamer confirmed my reaction to the cover. I was immediately captivated by the character and the story. Check it out, you might find the same things I did.


Sanyare: The Last Descendant (Book 1) 

Amazon Best Seller and B.R.A.G Medallion Winner!

A woman torn between honor and survival…

Raised in a realm where humans are no better than slaves, Rie Lhethannien has struggled for decades to earn a meager post in the High Court messenger service. Even training as an elite fighter isn’t enough to earn the respect she craves. Scorned by the high elves who rely on her loyalty, Rie’s closest allies are the fierce carnivorous pixies who travel by her side.

When she’s attacked on a routine delivery by assassins from the enemy Shadow Realm, Rie’s martial prowess keeps her alive…and frames her as a traitor. Facing execution at the hand of an unmerciful king, Rie must forsake her oaths and flee into enemy lands to prove her innocence. With surprising help from a bastard prince and an ambitious blood sidhe, Rie searches for the truth behind the attack. The secrets she uncovers may threaten more than her honor or even her life…for war is looming in the nine faerie realms.

Sanyare: The Last Descendant is the first book in The Sanyare Chronicles, a fast-paced dark fantasy adventure. If you like kick-butt heroines and action-packed fantasy filled with mythological creatures, then you’ll love the first novel in Megan Haskell’s debut series. Start your journey across the nine faerie realms today!


Sanyare The Heir Apparent Cover.jpg

Sanyare: The Heir Apparent (Book 2) 

Her secret is unraveling. One dangerous quest could end it all…

Rie thought she was an ordinary human. After she’s named heir to Sanyaro, the truthseeker and mediator of all nine realms, life becomes a lot more complicated. As she struggles to control her magics, Rie nearly falls prey to a brutal assassination attempt during a public ceremony.

Blamed for the chaos, Rie’s escort, Prince Daenor, is taken prisoner. While Sanyaro tempers the political flames, Rie must once again chase after the truth. As if the threat of another great war and the impending death of her lover weren’t enough, Rie uncovers a dark secret that threatens to crack the very foundations of the faerie realms. When allies fall, can Rie overcome the odds… and the opposition?

Sanyare: The Heir Apparent is a captivating dark fantasy adventure novel. If you enjoy thrilling adventures across nine unique realms filled with wise-cracking carnivorous pixies, then you’ll love the second installment of The Sanyare Chronicles from Megan Haskell.

Author Info
Legend has it I was born with a book in my hands. Thirty-ish years later, I’m a stay-at-home-mom who prefers a good story over doing the dishes. Only now, I’m building my own fantasy worlds! I am the author of The Sanyare Chronicles, a fast-paced dark fantasy adventure set in the nine faerie realms. The third book in the series, Sanyare: The Rebel Apprentice will be released on June 12, 2017. I am also the Program Director of O.C. Writers, A Network of Published and Aspiring Authors, located in Orange County, CA. To find out more about me and my books, visit my website at!


Sanyare: The Last Descendant
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Sanyare: The Heir Apparent
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One thought on “Book Covers with Sanyare

  1. I’m so happy you liked the covers! I was thrilled with the designer’s work, and thought they did a great job capturing the tone of my books. (Deranged Doctor Design, by the way.) Thanks for posting!


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