Introducing Strongwind Academy



Hello! My name is Rebecca Green, and I’m honored to be a guest on this blog today! I’m one of three authors of a series that is near and dear to my heart titled Strongwind Academy. The world of Strongwind began in 2013 between the same three members as a roleplay website- and we spent years nurturing it and, while we welcomed and said goodbye to several other contributors in that time, we have been here through it all. In 2015 we decided that we had something worthwhile in our grasps- a story that we felt was intriguing, dozens of characters that are lovable and relatable, while still being real in their unreal setting. We took down the roleplay forum, and began this incredible journey.

It’s been an amazing experience for me- I was 14 when I met my two best friends. I’m now 18, and I have grown so…

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