Breaking Rules pt 2: Wait. Don’t.

These are interesting thoughts about rules in writing:

Dawnrigger Publishing

I did a rant post about rules last week. Premise: there no RULES to writing any more than there are rules for speaking. This is the rebuttal. Yes, I argue with myself.
Let’s start with the chorus: no one has to know any damned rules.

There is only one imperative to writing–WRITE–and even that is not a rule. The entire learning process is this and only this: write, (share) judge whether the results met your aims, repeat.

The parenthetical share applies to those who write to be understood by others. Many people don’t ever do that. Writing can be private. Much of it is never shared with other eyes. And that is why rules can be ignored. If you’re the only audience, do as you will, (an’ it harm none and all that.)

You can also ignore rules without consequence when you know with certainty that you and your audience…

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One thought on “Breaking Rules pt 2: Wait. Don’t.

  1. So true, Steven! As a writing instructor, sometimes I have to bite my tongue because so often I want to whisper out of the side of my mouth, “You know… you can absolutely break these rules.”

    I don’t only because I’m teaching my students how to write for school and business. But for art, self, and friends? The Rules are ~ There are no Rules.


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