Inspirational Native Americans – Finding Your Ancestors

Uncovered Myths

No matter who your ancestors are, it can be difficult to find them.  This is doubly true if you were adopted, whether you knew it or not.  And if that is the case, you have to decide if you want to trace your adoptive family, or your biological family.  And in many cases, your biological family may not be who they think are.  Throughout history, children were adopted, names changed, and not told.  Or, if they knew at the time, after a few generations, the knowledge was lost.
As a person with Native American ancestors more than a few generations, tracking your ancestors may be nearly impossible due to the Indian Removal Act, Indian Adoption Act, and the shame of Native American ancestors.  If you do find which tribes you are descended from, you have to determine if you can reconnect with your heritage.  You may want to.  The tribe…

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