Storytelling Quotes from Great Writers

Nicholas C. Rossis

This is a guest post by Lucy Adams of BuzzEssay, who prepared this fine infographic.

Storytelling Quotes from Great Writers

Books are much more than just means of communication. They are sources of knowledge that help to understand the surrounding world, to interpret it, and to be aware of the main categories of human being. Books contribute to the improvement and personal development. When people stop reading, they are literally getting more primitive.

In terms of science, a book is a matrix that develops man’s special cortex in the temporal lobes. These brain areas are responsible for self-awareness, inner monolog, development of oratory skills, etc. Books can’t just be replaced or pushed out of your lives.

Yes, you may say that in today’s world, books don’t have the value they had before. However, that’s a moot point. It is believed that any information, story, novel or a book is easier…

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