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Planetary Defense Command

First, some news: I received a rejection letter for my first short story submission. I was originally going to give this post the pessimistic title of “Rejection #1”, because I’m a ‘glass is 96% empty’ kind of guy, not ‘glass is 4% full’. (According to The Grinder, 96% of stories are rejected at Analog magazine, my target.) It took 87 days to get my rejection, which was a standard form letter.

I chose Analog because they publish mostly (only?) sci-fi, and because I thought Analog’s readers might find the behavior of an AI in my story interesting and/or funny. I’ve reviewed an issue of Analog, so you can read about a few stories that did make the cut.

I have another target in mind for this story, but I can’t fire it off right away because I need to go over the magazine’s formatting peculiarities, and I don’t…

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