But he also was a baritone who sang while hanging clothes


There is a question that I have probably spent far more time pondering than I should.

Am I Pulp Revival writer? 

On the one hand, I can point to “A Hill Of Stars”, which is very much a Pulp Revival story.  It appeared in the first issue of Cirsova magazine, and the story was a deliberate homage to H P Lovecraft and E R Burroughs.  I set the story in an alternate Permian Era Earth which is inhabited by both humans and the Elder Races of Lovecraft.  That story has inspired other writers to set stories in what we are calling “The Eldritch Earth”.

I have another story set in that world, “In The Gloaming O My Darling”, which I wrote specifically for Cirsova.  That one is a little less adventure and more horror, but I think it fits easily into the Pulp Revival genre.

I have some…

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