If I’ve Said It Once…

L. Davidson

Recently I had a message from a slightly disgruntled reader who has previously asked me for writing advice a few times. They were very polite, and we had a good discussion afterwards, but they felt that I often skirted around giving direct advice on writing and publishing when I’m asked for it.

The truth is, I do. It’s very deliberate on my part that when I’m asked for writing advice, I frame my answer very loosely so that it’s open to interpretation.

Who am I to tell you how to write? I can advise, sure. I’m happy to! I can tell you what works for me, or how you could come at a problem. I can repeat the “established” rules to you. Does that make my advice correct? Does that make it sound and foolproof? No, of course not.

Write every day? Well, in principle this is great, but in practice?…

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