Interview of Ascha, by Shauna Sheets


Shauna Scheets has written many books, stories, and poems set in alternate worlds. This blog post contains an interview of the character Ascha from the book Ascha, in the Caillte Cycle. I hope you enjoy it.

Ascha interview:

1. Do you miss anything from when you were a little girl?
I miss only having to worry about the small things.
2. How are you changing as you grow up?
Sadness haunts me where acceptance is for other people.
3. What scares you the most?
I used to be afraid of being alone, and I used to be afraid of getting in trouble with others. Very little scares me anymore.
4. What has been the hardest struggle for you?
Getting people to listen to me has always been very hard.
5. How do you handle really difficult challenges.
Patience, determination and knowledge can fix most things, in my experience.
6. What is the most important lesson you have learned?
I have learned how important it is to think about things before telling anything to anyone else.
7. Is there a secret about yourself you can share?
I do not share secrets.
8. Who do you hope stays in your life?
That is something that I do not hope for anymore. Life has a way of putting people in different places than they think.
9. What do you need to be happy in the future?
Define happiness.
10. What do you think the future holds for you?
 Life, and lots of it.
Thanks Ascha!
Read more about Ascha and other writing from Shauna Sheets at:

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