The Change: Incorporating Magical Realism into our Writing

Kill Your Darlings, Writer


1. I seem to be / But really I am
This is a writing exercise by Kenneth Koch. Write a series of statements that begin with “I seem to be…” I seem to be a one-eyed dog. I seem to be thunderstorm. I seem to be a broken heater. I seem to be a flowering cactus. Once you have your statements, write another series that begins with “but really I am…” Feel free to make these statements as outrageous or fantastical as you can. Combine your statements together, mixing and matching. If you’re writing with a partner or group, try exchanging statements.

2. Go back and read your connected statements. Is there one that surprises you or stands out more than the others? Choose one and use it a first sentence for a 10 minute freewrite. The result may be quite surreal, but see where it takes you. Let…

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