Review: Hex Support

Dawnrigger Publishing

I give Hex Support* 3.5 glittery stars! And I’m rounding up to 4 all the way ’round, because I have great affection for this book and think it deserves the bump.

Full disclosure: I was on the selection committee that read entries for the anthology during development. The entries were judged blind, so reading the finished product was a real treat for me because I finally got to see who wrote which of the stories I liked best.

Other than judging privileges, I received no compensation for reading.  Getting a sneak peek at all these fun and funny tales before the rest of the world got to read them was more than ample payment, and I picked up my final copy from Amazon through Kindle Unlimited.

There. Due diligence done. All of the authors in this collection can tell you I am no pushover as a reviewer, nor do I pull punches when I…

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