Interview with author Gisele Walko


Say hello to Gisele Walko, author of The Vampire and the Necromancer: An out of Sequence Love Story and Wolf Girl finds necRomance. 

Welcome Gisele Walko

1. Where has your journey as a writer taken you?

Physically, no further than the couch, I’m a reclusive person when given the choice, but mentally….lots of places. I love the ability to be in the mind of another person, thinking and feeling what they think and feel, and researching different places, hobbies, and landmarks.

2. What are the biggest themes and elements in your stories?

First love, self acceptance and acceptance in general, self esteem, multiracial themes, social issues like bullying and poverty.

3. What led you to write your series “Multiracial Monsters”?

I have biracial children and lots of biracial kids in my extended family as well, and their journey is unique, so for example, in Wolf Girl finds Necromance I put how on the birth certificates of biracial children they only put the fathers race, so technically on paper both of my kids are white, but when they mark that they are black and white on any form, the school changes it to black. The monsters part is just because I like the paranormal.

4. Tell us about some of your characters.

I’ll tell you about the ladies. Brennan is from a family of beautiful werewolf women and girls, and lives with her mother in a trailer park where she does the bulk of the work and helps raise all of her sisters. She falls for a bad boy, but things probably work out for her. Nova is a violinist, a twin, an overachiever and after attending a party, a vampire. She tries to navigate first love with her best friend Ivan, an artsy necromancer. Ko is a beautiful black and Japanese cheerleader, and Nova’s nemesis, and a fairy since birth. She falls for Noah, Nova’s twin brother.

5. Talk about how mixed raced characters are important to you.

I love diversity and multiracial characters are a reflection of my own life.

6. What do you hope readers will find in your stories, or take away?

I hope they are entertained, and that the story makes them think, and that they like it enough to check out something else I’ve written.

7. What is the age range of your target audience? Does that influence how you write?

I try to keep the series appropriate for about age 16 and up, so I don’t go into too much detail with the sex stuff, but there is some language and violence.

8. What is your writing style? POV? Tense? Are you a plotter or pantser?

A friend told me I have a Staccato style, kind of short choppy sentences. I like to write in alternating first person present tense. I don’t really outline. I think of a beginning, an ending, and come up with a few scenes, and other than that the people in my head just do what they want.

9. Who is your favorite character, from your stories?

I’m partial to Nova. I love nerds.

10. What authors do you like to read?

At the moment I’m obsessed with Pepper Pace, Tiana Laveen, Twyla Turner, G.L. Tomas, Constance Burris, Tamara Philip and I like Kelly Link’s short stories, Neil Gaiman, Joe Hill. so many others.

11. What is next in your stories?

I’m working on a YA/NA interracial romance about college students, with no mention of the paranormal thus far, and I’m working on my 3rd and final book of my Multiracial Monsters series.

12. What about a telling quote from one of your characters?
Nova, you know invisible people never have to convince people they’re invisible. Beautiful people who want to be antisocial do.” 
 Gisele Walko, The Vampire and the Necromancer: An out of Sequence Love Story

Thanks Gisele


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