Interview with Cynthia Morgan


Today’s interview is with Cynthia A. Morgan, author of Dark Fey. Welcome to the blog. Tell us something about yourself.

Morgan Cynthia AuthorMy name is Cynthia A Morgan, but I go by Morgan.  Or ~Morgan~ if I’m feeling very Madonna-esque.   Why you might ask? Well, the short version is that I am Welsh and Proud of it.  The Long(er) version is that my Welsh father was named Morgan O Morgan VIIII and I am also very Proud of that.  Naming the first born son Morgan O Morgan is a family tradition that dates back (in my family) to the 1500’s, but unfortunately my father had no sons to carry on the tradition; however, to honour him and the family, I use the name Morgan.  It is my goal to eventually legally change my name to Morgan CA Morgan. 

What a wonderful family story! At what point did you know you wanted to be…

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