Detective, genius, girl with attitude: Ruby Redfort mysteries (1-3)

The Book Wars

If you haven’t read Lauren Child’s Clarice Bean novels,* here’s what you need to know about Ruby Redfort, Clarice Bean’s favourite fictional character.**

  • She is a thirteen-year-old detective and also a genius
  • She has a best friend named Clancy who is her partner in crime stopping crime, and loyal to the death
  • Her butler Hitch is her other partner is foiling baddies. Hitch is kind of the perfect secret service man. Plus he cleans AND he’s clean (unlike, say, James Bond, that loser) and, y’know, actually good and cool
  • She has Rules. For instance,

Rule 1: You can never be completely sure what might happen next.

The other thing about Ruby Redfort is that she exists as the protagonist of her own series because of the many, many letters written to Lauren Child by readers of the Clarice Bean books, begging for stories about Ruby Redfort. To date, there are…

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