The Villain in the Mirror

Dawnrigger Publishing

I’ve been thinking meta thoughts about writing. Always dangerous.

Two protagonist development themes run through many stories I like to read. That means they also crop up in stories I like to write.

1. You are not ordinary. You have a skill. A talent. A specialness. You didn’t ask for it, but you have to master it, and make it work for you.  You have to Do Big Things.


2. You are what you are. You can’t have it all. This isn’t the life you wanted, but too bad. Learn to be happy with what you have, because it’s all you get.

The journey from discovery to self-acceptance for a Reluctant Hero with a Big Destiny  doesn’t have the same feel as a Bluebird of Happiness scenario, yet superhero stories often contain both. I know my Rough Passages Tales do. “Surprise, you’ve got powers you don’t want, deal with the damaging consequences,” is the whole series premise.

Most reluctant heroines want to be ordinary. To…

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