Blacktastic: A Podcast of Black Scifi and Fantasy Stories!

The Kickstarter for the Blacktastic podcast:

Chronicles of Harriet

On December 18, 2016, I posted this in the State of Black Science Fiction group on Facebook:

“In 2016, I am going to launch a podcast show in which authors of Black Speculative Fiction will have their stories read by voice actors and then the author will answer questions from listeners about their work(s).

Stay tuned for details.”

Short; simple.

But it wasn’t so simple. Within fifteen minutes, over a hundred people had liked the post. Now the post has over 400 likes and is steadily climbing.

After taking a serious look at what it takes to produce and present the podcast to the world, I decided to crowdfund the project; to truly make this a project by and about Black people – authors and fans. Others are more than welcome to donate, too. 🙂

The Kickstarter is up and ready for you. So, give YOURSELF a gift this holiday season!
Let’s make

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