Eve Sedgwick’s Homosociality applied to some popular YA novels

The Book Wars

I’ve been dying to write this article ever since I learned about homosociality in my Restoration Theater class (English Lit). If you were like me and have no idea what “homosociality” is, Wikipedia defines it as:

“In sociology, homosociality describes same-sex relationships that are not of a romantic or sexual nature, such as friendship, mentorship, or others. “

Sedgwick’s theorizing was based on male relationships and while I am not a hundred percent sure, I think this theory targeted males specifically.

To further explain it, as my prof did, homosociality says that:

Guy A goes for Girl A not because he’s in love with her (he may be or not but that’s not the most important thing) but because she has some sort of status and being with her increases his status, his standing in front of his guy friends <— and that, dear Reader, is more important than Guy…

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