Not A Number

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Not a rant about word counts! My number obsession today involves sales and readership–and it isn’t even a rant. Merely some random thoughts about success and expectations and so on. That’s it. Totally safe. Stick around for paragraph two.

The people who advise authors to “not look at sales” and say, “the numbers don’t mean anything,” are ignoring a critical point: sales are in fact a measure of audience reach. Not all buyers read what they download, especially if you’ve offered a full novel at a steep discount, but all readers had to get your book somewhere. So, not all buyers read, but all readers buy. (For the sake of simplicity, I’m counting free promotions as sales, dangit.)

The usual addendum to the advice is an interesting one: there’s no point in trying to measure success by numbers because as soon as one goal gets met, the craving for the next will begin. It’s a slippery-slope…

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