Don’t Say A Prayer For Me Now, Save It For The Morning After


On June 20th of this year I released Gingerbread Wolves, the fourth novel in my series, The Book Of Lost Doors.

Some time after I released it I realized that it was also the last book in the series. I hadn’t planned it that way.  I don’t really plan anything in my work, I just kind of let it happen.

I was expecting, in fact, to have at least two more novels, and I had some ideas for what was going to happen in each of them.

However, once I had some time and distance to look at the series as a whole, it became obvious to me that the story that I had set out to tell was over.  Again, I hadn’t planned it out in advance, but the events in Gingerbread Wolves completed the overall story arc.

While it wasn’t always obvious, even to me, there…

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