Author Interview – Benjamin Cheah

My Writer's Journey

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Benjamin Cheah is a speculative fiction writer from Singapore. A freelancer by trade, he has served two years in the Singapore Armed Forces. He is also the cofounder of sociopolitical website The Online Citizen.


How would you describe your story in one sentence?

Keepers of the Flame is a clash of civilizations for the future of America: an austere, militaristic empire; a liberal democracy/national security state, riddled through with internal contradictions; or a technocracy that elevates technology over humanity.

What inspired you to write your story/characters/theme?

The original inspiration for the American Heirs series (of which Keepers of the Flame is the first entry) came from Ghost in the Shell and Appleseed. I gravitated to their realistic portrayal of futuristic technologies, their exploration of what it means to be human, their general cynicism towards politics and terrorism, and the overall aesthetics of post-apocalyptic environs juxtaposed against shining cities. Couple…

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