Abused Friend Needs Help

The Naked Advice

K.S. wrote:“My best friend is in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend. He has beat her multiple times and recently when she spent the weekend at her friend’s house he showed up at their door in a drunken rage. They called the police on him and now she’s saying that she doesn’t want to make a statement to the police and has moved back in with him. She assures me that everything is “Under control” but I’m not absolute that it’s as cut and dry as she thinks… I mean, should I intervene, or just trust her judgement?”

Liz says: This sounds like a classic case of battered women’s syndrome. He abuses her, he apologizes/brings gifts/makes promises, and then she’s back with him, hoping it never happens again. But it does happen again, and the cycle continues. In other words, your instincts are right.

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