Tales of Damaged Souls: The Mythology of the Horcrux

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One of the signature objects of the Harry Potter series is the Horcrux; magical items used by Lord Voldemort to hide portions of his soul to allow him to return to life if his body was destroyed.

Lord Voldemort Lord Voldemort

      The word Horcrux may be derived from a combination of the French words “dehors,” meaning “outside,” and “crux,” meaning “soul.” In essence, the term would translate to “outside soul.”

      Alternatively, the word Horcrux may be also a combination of  “hor” or “hore,” an old/middle-English word meaning “dirt, evil, impurity,” and “crux” or “crúce,” an old English word meaning “container, pitcher(ful), jar”. This translation would mean “evil container,” or “container of evil.”

      Voldemort’s plan ultimately fails, as Harry, Ron, Hermione, and others, are able to destroy his Horcruxes, but did you know that the idea has actually been around for thousands of…

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