The 11th Percent by T.H. Morris

The Minter Book Reviews

  1. Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal and Action/Adventure
  2. My Overall Rating: Five Stars
  3. Grammar and Proofreading: 5/5
  4. Linguistics and Stylistics: 6/5
  5. Character Development: 5/5
  6. Plot Development: 5/5
  7. Plot Pacing: 5/5
  8. Age: Recommended for ages 16 and up due to violence and occasional profanity. No sexual content.

The 11th Percent is a fast-paced fantasy/action novel by T.H. Morris. The title is based on the theory that most people only use ten percent of their brain power, but Morris suggests that there is a subset of the population with an extra one percent. These so-called Eleventh Percenters have a high level of creativity but are plagued with self-doubt, experience emotions more strongly, and can communicate with spirits.

Jonah Rowe works at a boring job with an overbearing boss, struggles with writer’s block while attempting to complete manuscripts for his novels, lives alone and has few friends, and is still grieving the death of his beloved grandmother. A conversation…

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