Cover Reveal: Sol of the Coliseum by Adam Gaylord!

Mirror World Publishing

Sol of the Coliseum by Adam Gaylord launches September 17th!

Meet Sol, a slave turned Gladiator and the heart of the Astrolian Empire’s great Coliseum! This first novel by Adam Gaylord is an action-packed fantasy adventure you won’t want to miss.

Here’s the cover art by the talented Jon Guerdrum of Guerdrum Art:solcover1

Survival is an act of defiance

Deep in the bowels of the Coliseum of the mighty Astrolian Empire, the orphan, Sol, is raised by a makeshift family of guards and fellow slaves to become the most famed Gladiator in all the land. Alongside K’nal, his giant Frorian fighting partner, Sol must battle cunning warriors and fantastic beasts to delight the crowd and stay alive. But when an oppressed populace transforms Sol into a revolutionary folk hero, the Empire sends its most ruthless assassin to put an end to the uprising. Sol’s only chance is to…

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