In Defense of Sword and Soul

Writing about Sword and Soul, dieselfunk, and steamfunk:

Troy L. Wiggins

ImaroIf you’re a frequent visitor of my blog, you’ve seen me talk about Imaro. You’ve seen me post about it’s impact on me as a reader and writer. I’ve stopped just short of arguing that it should be considered among canonical SFF texts, right there with the works of all the racist grandpas. I am constantly elevating Imaro, indeed, all of the works that have been inspired by that original collection, because of the singular space that it/they occupy in the genre, and because of the inspiration that they continue to provide me.

Charles Saunders, through Imaro, introduced the world to Sword and Soul. Sword and Soul, by Saunders’ own definition, is heroic fantasy in the vein of Sword and Sorcery, but with some key features that set it apart:

From the beginning, my stories were based on African history, mythology, and folklore, as opposed to the…

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