Guest Post: A Day In the Life – Brian Downes

Guest Post from jmloftus:

Dare to Dream, Live to Write

I am writing a novel called Red Sleeper, which is the follow-up to The Berlin Fraternity. Writing is a torment and a torture, and I wish that I could stop. I tried to stop – after I finished The Carrefour Crisis, my fourth novel that failed to find a literary agent. But it didn’t take. To write is to waste my time pushing a boulder; to not write is to waste my life. This is less expensive than heroin, but it’s just as helpless and more humiliating.

The first thing I need is an idea, but ideas are the easy part. And because novels take so long to write, I usually have ideas waiting in line. Any newspaper or nonfiction is full of ideas. There are so many of them that you will be overrun; one will land its barb in you.

The daily process goes like this. I wake up and go online…

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