Copywriting thoughts from TraceyClark:

Finder's Keepers - Author Tracey Clark

Soooo … while sitting around anxiously waiting for my beta readers to deliver their concerns and dislikes (as well as what they love by hey, the others comments seem more worrisome) about my novel, I started looking/reading about copywriting. Though I would prefer to find an editor/agent, the world of copywriting would help with my ability to promote any work that I either self-publish or publish through original means.


Promotion is similar no matter what good or service needs to be moved. You learn about the wants and needs of others, then you find a way to grab their attention. You jump up and down, wave your hands wildly about your head, and scream out … Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me!!! Okay … Maybe there’s a little bit more to the job than that, but that is way they call them the basics. You have a product you want…

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