Review: Grimspace (Sirantha Jax #1) by Ann Aguirre

Review of Grimspace by Ann Aguirre from borrowedworlds blog:

Borrowed Worlds

Sirantha Jax#1

Basic info:

Author: Ann Aguirre

Genre: space opera with some romance

Length: 320 pages

Available: Amazon

Publisher: Ace (February 26, 2008)

MY RATING: 4.0 stars

I love space opera. Humans blasting into far-flung star systems, big damned heroes, and a big, heroic story to boot. (Still waiting for an actual opera set in space, but oh well.)

So I picked up Grimspace. And I was not disappointed. The story is laid out pretty quickly, at least what the protagonist, career jumper Sirantha Jax, knows of it. She’s in a maximum security medical facility recovering from an interstellar disaster that she’s being blamed for. Easy as she was the lone survivor. Jumpers are people born with a special gene that allows them to enter ‘grimspace’–a sort of cyberspace that lets them navigate across great expanses of space. They link closely, psychologically and frequently sexually with the pilots that they ‘jack in’ with.


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