Nux & Capable: Fury Road

Post about Mad Max from Mishaburbett, with spoilers:


This post is about the film Mad Max: Fury Road, and it will contain spoilers. I will be digging into the text and subtext of the film so, please, if you have not seen it, don’t read this post.

I do strongly recommend the film, so if you haven’t seen it, go out and catch it in the theaters and then come back and we’ll talk, okay?

Everybody clear on this?  Here Abide Spoilers.  You have been warned and When you have been warned, you must listen. (Extra special bonus Sensei Of Schlock points for identifying the source of that quotation.)

Now, let’s talk about who did what to whom and what I think it means. Oh, and that brings me to one last point–the opinions and speculations contained herein are entirely my own.  I do not claim to speak for George Miller or anyone else associated with…

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