Nikki’s Top Five YA Novels

Here are Nikki’s top five YA jovels. See the post on her blog:

Becausible Writations

Please note that this is purely in my opinion. If you disagree so be it.


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Lately, thanks to BookTube mainly, I have been on a young adult book kick. They stories are short and sweet, I get to finish an entire book in a day or two and I’m usually happy with the outcome. While not every YA book I’ve read has been good here are the five that I personally liked the most in no particular order.


1. Cinder

This put a very interesting twist on Cinderella. I adore Cinder and her partial robotic part humanself. I love that sci-fi twist! When reading through the books there are a lot of times where you’re like ‘Aha! Just like the regular story!’ and you smile because you know where the comparison is…

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